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I got international look hor.

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I received an email from a regular reader of my blog (he said so himself ok) yesterday asking me to send him a photo. I politely declined as I really would like to remain anonymous for various reasons. However I promised to describe myself to him as best as I can.

Well, a Malay acquaintance of mine joked recently that I looked like Catherine Zeta Jones. I looked at him skeptically and he laughed it off. I realised that we’ve got the same hairstyle and nose. So if you look at the picture below, cover the eyes and lips, then you’ll get me.

Catherine Zeta Jones

And then many years back, I’ve had 3 Chinese polymates remark on separate occasions that I looked like Claudine Chan from CCCrush. Ah yes, the hairstyle (back then), the eyes, the big hoop earrings… Me.

Claudine Chan (middle)

Last year, An Indian classmate told me that whenever he watched Kids Central and saw Evelyn the show host, he’d immediately think of me. I asked him what he was doing watching Kids Central, but that’s besides the point. No picture here though, sorry. If you’re really desperate you can try watching Kids Central.

My Eurasian friends mentioned before that they thought I resembled Kristin Kreuk in some ways. Ah, they were just trying to make me happy. Maybe the hair, lips and teeth la.

So there you go, how I seem to appear in the eyes of my multi-racial friends.


Written by smudgi3

May 21, 2005, Saturday at 23:56

Posted in Dear Diary, Insight

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