stripped bare

Sorry guys, no sexy pics here.

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The two hundred or so people who surf-stopped here yesterday must be expecting to see some delicious babe pics all over the site. Alas! All they got was a heavily photoshopped profile photo.

The reason why I’d like to remain anonymous is to protect my friends. Sometimes I talk about them or the situations affecting them, so it would be terrible if someone put two and two together and recognized them through me. (No la, actually the real reason is because I’d like to lead an ordinary and peaceful life. When guys realize how chio I am they’ll bug me endlessly, and that would make me wanna close down my blog and walk around with a brown paper bag in case some people recognize me and want to take my photograph.)

Er hrm.

Well, I’m not XiaXue. Only a selected few of my friends know about my blog. Though my personality online and offline is the same, I don’t think I want all of them to know my innerthoughts and everything that’s going on in my life. That said, I just wanna bitch about them all I like and not have it held against me. What’s an infantile blog for if not to talk bad about other people?

Got a nice surprise when I looked at my stats. Thanks for making my day Miyagi. I owe you a beer.


Written by smudgi3

May 14, 2005, Saturday at 13:00

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