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Always around this time of the year, I get restless and melancholic. This time, 3 years ago, was the first time J and I travelled alone to Tokyo.

Those who know me will know my feelings for Japan. It’s like my second home. For years, I’ve harbored the fantasy of being able to travel there with my significant other. And it materialized 3 years ago. Actually when I turned 21, my parents finally allowed me to go overseas with my friends. I made my first trip alone with J and R to Tokyo (duh). It’s hard to describe the events that followed the nod of the head from my mum. The purchasing of tickets, the planning of places to go, the journey to the airport, the slightly pensive wave behind the glassdoor at the departure hall, the plane ride, arriving at Narita… One word : Surreal.

8 months after that, came the opportunity to go to Tokyo again (all thanks to Britney). That was what did it. Just the 2 of us, at a place I loved… if I had died right after that trip, I would have left with a smile on my face. It was also the first time I travelled alone as J travelled with another airline. I kinda enjoyed it, this lone traveller thing. The few days we spent there was indescribable – we wanted to live there. What made it fantastic was, we arrived home just a few days before my first exam paper. Needless to say, the time spent in the exam hall was spent reminiscing about the trip. It was Spring when we went there, so the cold air con blowing in the hall did nothing but remind me of the weather in Tokyo (17 degrees celcius!)

Many trips later, and here I am, still wishing I could be there right now. It’s always these few days before the exams, that the feeling grows stronger.


Written by smudgi3

May 11, 2005, Wednesday at 12:58

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