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To whom it may concern.

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If all men were perfect, then women didn’t need to exist. They’d be fucking one another. If men aren’t bastards, how will we recognize The One when he finally appears in our lives and appreciate him for what he isn’t?

If I wanted someone perfect, I would go clone myself. But we don’t want 2 of me around, do we?

Now what good would a perfect person do? First of all, everyone (male and female) will be trying to keep that man for themselves. I’m not competitive. And secondly, having a perfect man by my side would make me look bad. I don’t want to look bad.

Look, no man can be perfect. Even a talented man like Jay Chou could jump right off my bed and into another slut’s arms, don’t talk about pathetic and common men like You Know Who. That picture that you have of him in your wallet/handphone/pc, burn/erase/delete it. Have him on your yahoo/aol/msn messenger? Bloody hell delete and block him.

DO IT, I tell you. Don’t make me go down there and do it for you.


Written by smudgi3

May 10, 2005, Tuesday at 00:33

Posted in Perversion

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