stripped bare

I wish London would explode or something.

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What were you doing yesterday 05/05/05 at 05:05pm?

slogging your ass off?
arguing with a loved one?
shouting at you mum?
hitting your child?
fucking someone (who’s not your wife?)

Got a call from J (some people have all the time in the world to remember such things) at 5:55pm. Waited until it was roughly 55 secs past that, then said all kinds of lovely things to me.

Thanks J. Needed that to remind me what a lucky bitch I am. Also needed that tiny break from staring mouth agape at foreign-looking formulae (and my exam’s next week!). Brains are soo fried.


Written by smudgi3

May 6, 2005, Friday at 12:34

Posted in Insanity

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