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My mother looks like an Egyptian Queen

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I saw Cyndi Wang at Tampines. J spotted a crowd near an exit at TM and rushed forward to join them, shouting “Who? Who?” like an idiot. Uncharacteristically, I screamed at J to whip out a camera (you never know, could be Jay Chou hor).

It turned out to be an autograph session for a new show. It was a small crowd, mostly girls armed with cameras. Just as Lawrence and Cyndi came out, flashes went off, so did fake handphone camera clicks, and a really weird “Drink more water!”(in English). That made me wonder if the crowd was there for Cyndi or Lawrence. (You don’t know who Lawrence is? Tsk. Call yourself a SGrean)

I always thought Cyndi looked good on tv. All those huge eyes, extremely long lashes, anorexic. After seeing her, I thought she looked… common. She could have walked past me in the toilet and I wouldn’t have noticed. She’s even shorter in real life. Funny how these people look so much larger on tv. On the contrary, Christy Chung looked just like a really pretty model. If I hadn’t known who she was, I would have thought, “Fwah, that one’s chio.” Some stars just don’t have that … thing. I guess when you’re trying to get into a van, or when you’re just chilling out at a bar with your friends, you’ll lose that glittery factor no matter how big a star you are.

About the title… my mum went to get her eyebrows and lower lid tattooed. She looks like a modern Nerfititi. According to her, the swelling and dark ink will fade off in a week. I patted my dad’s droopy shoulders and told him he was lucky he’s blind without his glasses. Imagine his fear when he turns around in bed and sees my mum looking back at him in all her inkified glory. Obviously, she won’t be getting any action this week.


Written by smudgi3

April 28, 2005, Thursday at 00:10

Posted in Dear Diary

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