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I watched The Interpreter last week and was rather disappointed at the pace of the movie. It could have done so much more, but one definitely cannot walk into the cinema after a long day and watch this. Need to think, you know?

I loved the casting though. Nicole Kidman was mesmerizing, as usual. I’ve always loved hearing her speak. Loved her hair, her outfits… always immaculate. It’s hard to imagine that the language she was supposed to interpret in the movie, Ku, is fictional. It’s nice to draw attention to an otherwise anonymous profession of interpreters. Can imagine how stressful it must be to be one, expecially in the UN? You know how things get lost in translation. An ill chosen word could start a world war.

I was also amazed to find out that the actor who was President Zuwanie in the movie, is actually a Briton! He like, seemed soooo African! He played it well, that fella.

Go watch the film.


Written by smudgi3

April 26, 2005, Tuesday at 23:40

Posted in Dear Diary

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