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A note to my dear fans (all 4 of you) :

It is of my deepest regret to have to inform you that I did not take part in the Channel U SuperStar contest as I chickened out was very busy on the day the auditions were set. While SIM was abuzz with excitement on Tuesday where the auditions were, I was busy having sex at a chalet doing stuff.

However, I am very happy for your faith and support though most of you just want to become my PA or manager. I’m glad to know that in this frivolous entertainment industry, I still have such encouraging friends fans. My stupid exams are coming I have to prioritize my goals right now, and the most important thing so far is finally graduating with honors. Maybe with a degree I’d be able to go further with my music career (?)

I also have to explain my disappearing act for the past few days. Yes, please believe everything you’ve read in the gossip columns. I realized that all of you (my dear fans) are already above the legal age limit so I’m able to clarify your doubts. I was having sex on the day of the auditions. It was very good, thank you very much. But as I have mentioned to some members of the fan club yesterday, my libido isn’t as great as it was when I was younger. Oh well, when fish is scarce, prawns will do.

Thank you, once again, for all your support and understanding.

The one with the great voice
Modest little me


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April 21, 2005, Thursday at 11:55

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