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All these chee koh peks ah.

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Do you speak **Hokkien?

If you do and are a self proclaimed *chee koh pek, venture forth. If you don’t, don’t bother. You’d be none the wiser.


But since you insist of clicking the link anyway, here’s the pathetic English version (so sweet of me). But then I’ll have you know that much of it would be lost in translation.


I was free today and had nothing to do. I called a few friends and went out.

Ah Lun : “The girls nowadays are really pretty, huh?”

Me : “Yeah. Watching them makes me … ” (I’m too proper to find a suitable for this)

Ah Peng : “Woah! Look at that! 3 o’clock, 3 o’clock!”

Me : *looks at watch* “It’s only 2 pm now.”

Ah Peng : “Direction, I mean.”

Ah Lun : “Wow. They’re huge.”

Ah Peng : “Yeah. She’s so petite, why are her boobs so huge?”

Ah Lun : “She doesn’t need to buy milk then!”

Me : “Hey Ah Lun! Stop salivating!”

*chee koh peks = roughly translated as pervert/peeping tom
**Hokkien = A dialect commonly spoken in SG


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April 15, 2005, Friday at 12:29

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