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I’m not selling deodorants for a living.

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Am I just extremely unlucky or are Singaporeans starting to smell really bad?

For the past few months that I’ve been travelling on the MRT, I’ve realised that many people don’t take care of themselves. I admit that most of the time it’s at the end of a long day, but STILL?! Even if you like your own smell, others don’t, ok? So far, I haven’t gone and done the ultimate – and that is actually leaving my seat to get away from the gagging odour. Good thing I learnt yoga, can hold breaths for a long time. Don’t make me resort to carrying a perfumed handkerchief in my bag whenever I go out. Sometimes, the smell can be so overwhelming I had to resist giving that person a tight slap across the face. For a man to smell bad, it’s almost (barely) forgiveable, but a woman?! But what am I saying? No one should smell bad knowingly at all! Do us all a favour and deodorize, alright?

When I suspect I might stink on a particularly humid day, I make sure I go to the toilet and wash up. And when worse comes to worse, I clamp my damn armpits shut and stay away from crowds. And maybe even take a cab. Actually, sometimes I’m not even spared from fainting in cabs. Taxi drivers are guilty of BO too. Many times, I’ve had to unwind the window for some fresh air (yeah traffic and all) or else I would arrive unconscious at my destination. Just ask J how many times I’ve had gotten into a cab and realised that a) the driver had been smoking in the cab b) the taxi was old and smelled of old c) the driver was emitting a horrible smell. I got into a cab just now and almost died. I turned to J who was waving me off and gave a look. J knew immediately that I got ‘lucky’ again. J asked me to bear with it, since the journey to my place was less than 10 minutes. And the driver went vee…ry sloo…wlyyyy.

I’m damn suay one lor. Don’t say I’m mean, I think it’s meaner to traumatize other innocent passengers.


Written by smudgi3

April 14, 2005, Thursday at 23:58

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  1. it sure is terrible to reek like a racoon.u’ll be surprised to noe some pple dun even noe they need to deodorize, having been complacent with their ‘scent’ for so long *roll eyes*


    August 2, 2005, Tuesday at 22:09

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