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B.U.S.T = Buck Up Study Technique

I have a grand total of 6 people nagging at me to study this year. It used to be 2 (Mum and Dad) but now all these 6 are friends, can you imagine that? Maybe they’ve all reached the age where people activate their nagging genes, but then again, I’ve been really slack this entire year. Look at the countdown, 30 more days only! And I’m a dead woman.

I really have to get my act together/pull my socks up/wake up my idea/whatever. Soon. I’ve already done a study plan (my first ever!). It looks nice and studious, hopefully I can stick to it.

Wish me luck. (I really need lots of it since God should be ignoring me now as I’m not exactly helping myself.)


Written by smudgi3

April 12, 2005, Tuesday at 11:39

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