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Had the whole story typed out nicely but it just disappeared when I clicked publish. And now even the ‘recover’ link is offline. WTF!!

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I was just ranting about customer service. I was at a famous Japanese cosmetic brand counter at Seiyu Bugis because I was interested in one of their product. I politely declined the help of the counter staff as (I wasn’t gonna buy anything, you know) I like to be left alone when browsing. I usually take my time so I think the staff would be better off putting that time to good use, rather than hovering behind me like a missile.

She suggested I try on the product and half dragged me to the seat. I was pretty reluctant because (I wasn’t gonna buy anything, you know) putting it on would mean removing what I already have on my face. I’m not exactly a ‘touchup’ person so I didn’t have my warpaint with me to put it all back on. Still she proceeded to spread stuff onto my face and extoll all its wonders. Of course, as she stood there rigidly waiting for me to throw money into her palms, I just gave her the universal consumer reply : “I’ll think about it, thanks.”

With a curt nod, she threw the sample palette loudly back on the display and turned her back to me. I was invisible without the cash. I bit back a retort, I swear my lips almost bled. I’m an expert at customer service (I studied it remember?!) and I’ve been in a worse industry than retail. I know what it’s like to be taken for a ride (Shit! There goes my commision.) but the least she could do is wait til I was 5 steps away before shooting daggers behind my back. All I can say to her is :”Girl, with that complexion of yours, you should be on your knees thanking the heavens that the company gave you a chance to be a representative of their brandname. My advice : Stay away from the skincare section and let the other girls handle it. No consumer would believe you. By the way, if that concealer I was looking at couldn’t conceal all that stuff on your face, why the hell should I buy it?”


Written by smudgi3

April 7, 2005, Thursday at 23:57

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