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Refreshing Rain

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Most people like sunshine; I prefer clouds
They’re calming – white, fluffy, peaceful.
This morning, I looked out of the window
And saw tumbling clouds of grey.
How do they always anticipate my emotions?

As I prepared to leave my house, sans umbrella
The warnings came : loud, alto, ominous.
Despite the fact that the rainfall won’t last
I think it was going to be a lovely day.
When was the last time I stepped out into a brewing storm?

The winds caressed my face and played with my hair.
The first fall of rain slashed lines across the bus window.
I looked beyond and saw how the rain obscured most things,
Maybe hiding their ugliness within.
I stood under the shelter away from the assault of the rain.
Yet near enough so that a fine mist dewed my face.
The sound of rain drenched me deeply and quickly,
Not my being but my innermost feelings.

Quenching the thirst of suspicions
Drowning the voice of dread
Soothing the ache of memories
Filling the void of fear
Smearing the folds of regret
Melting the pain of life

Some Rights Reserved [Creative Commons License]


Written by smudgi3

March 29, 2005, Tuesday at 23:15

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