stripped bare

I so unladylike how to get into SQ?!

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I was standing behind a rather good looking and nice smelling (very impt!) man on a downriding escalator at the MRT station. I was admiring his broad shoulders and considering it as a pillow when I saw him wave at someone from the upriding escalator beside us. I didn’t bother to look, but I did when I heard an effeminate voice say “How are you? Just came back from flight?” *Shoots look at guy from other escalator. Realization sets in.

In a matter of a few miliseconds, I thought : Ok… guy opposite obviously won’t look at me even if I were naked. And tasty guy in front is flight crew. Yummy!


Guy in front replies, with a slight wave of his left hand in front of his face, just as effeminately, “Oh no la, I was shopping.” *Jaw drops, imaginary hand slaps forehead. What’s this thing about me and gay men?

Oh well, people always say SQ girls are pretty and ladylike. Can’t be further from the truth.


Written by smudgi3

March 28, 2005, Monday at 23:35

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