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Has The New Paper run out of things to write? Are they so desperate for news that they have to put her in the papers twice this week?

Yeah yeah, so she’s pretty, sweet, smart, endearing, unscheming and natural. Having had a book publish doesn’t make her a book editor, wouldn’t that mean I’m a poet and a model 50 times over? So she had a small crowd mobbing her when she was at the SFF? If I had a choice I’d rather mob Fiona Xie instead (even though you’d have to put a gun against my back to force me, but at least FX is better to look at).

Don’t forget she wouldn’t have had this if she hadn’t appeared in certain photos with a mega star. Don’t forget her shady scandals that were never confirmed nor denied. Don’t forget the lies she said when her image was in jeopardy.

Why I’ve even wasted space for 3 otherwise useful posts on her. See what a (media) Whore she is?


Written by smudgi3

March 26, 2005, Saturday at 14:39

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