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It hurt me when a friend carelessly pointed out that it was obvious my partner was the one doing all the ‘giving in’ in the relationship. It hurt me even more when my partner smugly agreed. So my little occasional outbursts are the essential core to my so-called dysfunctional relationship. So I was the difficult one, making unreasonable demands on my partner. So I was the short tempered, bitchy girlfriend while my partner gets to be the good guy by making silly jokes and brush it all off by grinning and bearing with all my tantrums.

Where is this friend when I’m playing the docile and tolerating girlfriend?

Though that was ages ago, and that friend probably wouldn’t even remember having made that comment, it never left my mind, for it hurt me deeply and I felt like such a selfish person. I probably tried to defend myself, but some joke was probably made and all would have been forgotten. Nobody would believe that I could give in to anyone anyway.

Fine then. Since I’m such a selfish person, I’ll show them selfish.


Written by smudgi3

March 22, 2005, Tuesday at 14:58

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