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Frustration No 1.

Why do they keep reminding me about my failure? Why do I have to read everywhere that the diploma I had graduated with is now available for entry into the 2-year direct honors degree programme? Why only now? 4 years ago you said my diploma was too specialized and the uni couldn’t give me any exemption from subjects. Why now, when I have failed my first year and have struggled through to my fourth and final year? And that’s provided I pass all my six subjects this year. My juniors can take 2 years to graduate and be exempted from up to 4 subjects, while I take four embarrassing years and have to complete 12 courses? WHY?

Frustration No 2.

Whatever happened to Quality Time? When did this entity cease to exist, or have I been deluded long enough to believe in its existence? Is it too much to ask that I want to spend some hours with my loved one AWAKE and not just in bed sleeping? What has taken precedence over good ole quality time? Studies? Job ‘obligations’? What is going to happen to coupledom if you’d rather spend all your spare time sleeping, eating, watching movies, talking about your job and hanging out with your boss other people? What happens when both parties run out of spare time? Can a phone call every night be sufficient to make up for all those lost moments? Have I not been explicit enough with you?


Written by smudgi3

March 21, 2005, Monday at 23:35

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