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It’s a vicious cycle.

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Dreading Monday. And Time’s playing an awful joke by speeding past when I’m not looking. And It mocks me when I stare at It for a full minute to make sure that the digits really do change after 60 seconds, and not 20.

I think my mum’s menopausal. That day she put a huge pack of sanitary napkins on my bed, saying cryptically that she ‘doesn’t need them anymore’. She hasn’t been acting weird though, as I thought most menopausal women should. Maybe she has it easy. That’s good news, ‘cuz that would mean I’ll have it easy too in the future. The only change in her is – her shopping. Yes, she’s doing more. She’s spent thousands of dollars on fengshui, she bought 5 new pairs of shoes in Hong Kong a few months back and many new clothes. Yesterday she bought 2 more pairs of shoes – same design in different colours, and now she’s asking me to go back and buy 2 more pairs for her.

Then she dropped the bombshell : She’s gonna tattoo her eyebrows and lower lid. Apparently all her close friends have done it and their eyebrows look very natural, so she’s gonna fork out $500 to have them done. Much as I advised her against it, she’s probably gonna do it anyway.

Somehow or other, that got me thinking about what I want to accomplish before I die. There’ll definitely be a long list, but the topmost in my mind are these (not in any particular order) :

  1. To finally master the Japanese language and live in Japan for a few years
  2. To go for double eyelid surgery
  3. To move out and have an apartment of my own
  4. To go to Europe
  5. To cut a record deal/write a novel

Not very far-fetched ideas, but they all have a thing in common : THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. And in order to have that, I’ll need to STUDY for my coming exams and PASS IT so that I can find a ‘good paying job’. Which brings me back to my initial depression…

Dreading Monday.


Written by smudgi3

March 19, 2005, Saturday at 12:30

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