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You must have heard – the no smoking ban is coming into effect in October.

Bus shelters and interchanges, public pools and toilets, community clubs and open stadiums. And then later in the year, pubs and discos too. And by year end, maybe hawker centres and coffee shops too. They’re getting serious, aren’t they? By next year, the only way to smoke, is to swallow instead of exhale.

I’m not a smoker, and I can’t say I’m slightly thrilled at the prospect of having cleaner lungs soon. However, I’m also skeptical about the success of such bans. While it might work in countries like Japan (in Disneyland and some areas on the streets, they have allocated areas for smokers), I’m not sure how our ruddy SGreans will react. Just look at how the ‘Keep left on escalators’ campaign turned out.

Statistics say only 14 percent of SGreans are smokers. When I read that, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Are you sure?! Did you mean to say only 14 percent were NON-smokers? 3/4 of my friends smoke, 3/4 of those in pubs and discos smoke, 3/4 of those who hang out at coffee shops and cafes smoke, 3/4 of taxi drivers smoke, so if I’m not wrong (and I’m triple checking here), it means that 75% of SGreans are smokers. Where did the 14% come from? A school?

Well, I’ve got to be fair here, I think a smoking ban at bus shelters and interchanges are abit over. I mean, these are open air right, we’ve got to cut them some slack. Pubs and discos… sigh. It’d be good if they were smoke free. But people go to these places to sin and be free, if they can’t smoke there, what’s the point? I think partial bans would be fine, boss. TOILETS. Oh yes. You see, unlike some people, I go into the toilet to release toxins and freshen up. I hate coming out of the ladies smelling like an ashtray. Honestly, do you really need to pop a ciggie in your mouth when you need to go? Our bodies aren’t made like that, you must have problems controlling your rectal muscles. *calm down.

Having said that, I can just imagine the look on their faces, smokers and disgruntled shop operator alike. They already hate disagree with the government so much (what with the taxes and all), how are they gonna live with this? Good luck, Big Brother.


Written by smudgi3

March 16, 2005, Wednesday at 15:40

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