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Feng Shui and My Mother

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My mother is a feng shui fanatic. And I don’t say much about it, really, because fengshui-ing the house monthly really brought her lots of luck. She probably striked 4D 3 times in the last 2 months.

I’m bringing this up because, now that my grandma is home from the hospital, she has to sleep in my aunt’s room as she now needs a respiratory system beside her (her own room is too small). So she needs an extra bed. Well, those who’ve been to my place know that both my brother and I sleep on 2 beds each. While we were discussing who was to give up the bed, my mother mentioned that yesterday she went to feng shui master and told her about having to remove a bed from either room, whether we have to move any furniture around now that the original feng shui is going to be disturbed. The lady said that it is not good to have a person (who is part of a couple) sleep on one side of two beds, as it would affect the person’s ability to sustain long term relationships. My mother told the lady both my brother and I are single, but while she was telling me that, she looked at me with challenging eyes.

J and I have just crossed the 8 year mark and de-fengshui-ed the whole theory.

My grandparents are living with 2 aunts who are not married. The original plan when we moved in to my place was to leave a room for my grandparents so that they could come down here during the weekend to stay with us. This room has since become my brother’s bedroom. My grandfather doesn’t like coming here, because you know old folks, he doesn’t like shuttling around. But my mother’s theory is that my grandfather is just worried about my 2 aunts having to sleep in their home without having a man around. And my grandfather is majorly hard of hearing and has trouble walking – I wonder how much he thinks he can protect my 2 able-bodied and garang aunts.

Anyway, the main point is that my mother said, “No matter how old they are, they’re after all daughters. Which father would want to leave their daughter alone in the house?” I almost choked on the water I was drinking. What will happen to my dear mother and father when they discover that their daughter’s plan, once she has a steady income, is to move out and rent an apartment on her own and organise mass swinger orgies?


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March 14, 2005, Monday at 16:40

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