stripped bare

Act 4 Scene 1 : Metamorphasis

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There are many signs that my body is changing.

My scalp is thinning out. It hurts like hell during dye jobs and it itches very easily, especially during this hot weather.

My complexion is improving. I don’t get as many pimples as I used to, only the occasional ones during that time of the month.

I stop having symptoms before my period. So now I have to constantly check the calendar and then it’s a mad rush when it appears out of nowhere when I’m out shopping and wearing a thong underneath. I also developed painful cramps. I used to be glad that I was cramp-free when I saw the pain my friends had to go through during their periods. I’m experiencing them firsthand now. And yesterday, for the first time, I saw that together with menses blood, other ‘stuff’ gets purged out from my body during this time of the month too. I’ve heard about it, never seen it and imagine my horror when I saw it while I was in a KFC toilet at Bugis. I wanted so much to wrap it gingerly in toilet paper and show it to the next person in the toilet queue, but I doubt that fat AngMoh guy, stomach full of chicken parts and mashed potato, would appreciate looking at my uterus lining in all its glory. I know I’m grossing you out, I’m grossing myself too. *shudders

Other than that, it’s quite a sad case. I don’t see myself growing vertically anymore, and chest-wise, it’s a no go. My babyfat doesn’t seem to want to move anywhere anytime soon though I thought my constant nagging and rubbing would do some damage. My attitude towards ‘looking after’ myself has changed too.

I spend lots on skin care, which I never thought I would do.

E started me on mani-pedi, of which my yellow stained nails are complaining now. Of course I do it all myself, it’s ridiculous to spend so much on dead things.

I actually do shopping now. It used to be that I bought clothes and stuff only as a treat and nothing else. Now I think I can buy a nice little pen just for all that signing I do.

I bother about accessorizing now. I couldn’t be bothered to do that in the past. All I needed was an outfit that I felt did not make me look fat that day, a layer of warpaint on my face and a ponytail to curb my wild, unruly hair. Now I have a whole shelf full of accessories and while I’m putting on my clothes, I start visualizing the mix of earrings and bracelets that would match my outfit.

So is it just me or?


Written by smudgi3

March 10, 2005, Thursday at 13:05

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