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Did I mention that during this past week and the next I was supposed to be having my mocks?

‘Supposed’ being the active word here, of course. My finals are coming in May and these March mocks, though not compulsory, “are highly recommended for students to gauge their capabilities and catch up on their revision before the actual London exams”.

And what have I been doing? Hearing that the sixth Harry Potter book is out, I went and bought the previous 5 books to ‘refresh’ my memory. I haven’t read them yet but I’m still gloating over the fact that I bought it at a fraction of the original price! Excuse me while I giggle noisily into my hands. Because I was a poor and struggling student when Potter was all the rage, I couldn’t buy those books and had to borrow them from a friend of a friend. Luckily she was a fan too, and was sweet enough to lend it out. But now (tee hee!), I can read them again at my own pace!

OK I swear I’ll start studying once I finish all of them, you know I’m a fast reader (crosses fingers, toes and eyes).

And now, I’ve gotten a bit curious about Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (ASUE). Just caught the movie last night, and though it was a wonderful film to watch, it’s difficult to understand. Just like the Potter movies, this movie was made for the readers. For someone who has never read the books, the movie was a disaster. I had problems trying to watch the dramatics on the screen and trying to make sense of it in my head. And if I was having problems, imagine J. She got so restless she started becoming irritating (yup, all the loud talking and crushing of plastic bags – her). Of course, it didn’t help that the movie had squeezed the first 3 books of the series into 2 hours.

I forgot the point I wanted to make with this post.

Oh whatever. Can’t wait to be reacquainted with Harry Potter again, and er, go watch ASUE if you’re already a fan.


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March 5, 2005, Saturday at 10:55

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