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Who says girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice?

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Have you not met me?

Dangle these icecubes (ok a Toblerone will do) in front of me and maaaybe I’ll turn all sweetener, indian spice and somewhat nice.

I used to be really short tempered. I find that I have toned down alot, that is, I don’t raise my voice as much as I used to, and it takes a little more to rile up my internal flame. It used to be such that, a 4 hr shopping trip in Orchard could get me into 10 arguements with 10 total strangers. I hate all that shoving and pushing, and though I don’t exactly come from some high and mighty family, I think shoving and pushing isn’t a very civilised thing to do. Up til now, I still wonder how those women and sometimes the women’s husbands, manage to exhibit such low class and undesirable manners, in the middle of town. You can just tell if it was accidental or on purpose. That’s not to say that people can behave as such in neighbourhood areas, but when I do go to such places once in a while, I will roll up my sleeves and prepare for battle.

Short of shoving these uncouth people back now, I’d usually give a shout of disdain and disgust. If I were lucky, I would get a weakly uttered “Sorry”. Most of the time I get dirty looks. And if I were very, very lucky, the woman (or man) turns around with a challenging “What?” and out of their mouths, spew vulgar words of dialect. I don’t look like I can speak Hokkien, and I’m not exceptionally fluent at it, but mind you, the things I do know how to say could make a sailor blush. When in a fight, always speak in their language. It intimidates them and leaves them whimpering in defeat (wah, young girl speak Hokkien so scary).

I am especially disgusted when it is the men who pick fights with women. The person who invented the word ‘Gentlemen’ must be rolling in his grave. In fact, the most recent ‘staring’ incidents I had were with men. Best places to pick a fight : Chinatown during the new year and warehouse sales (esp. those where there are alot of aunties and uncles).

Why, why do some people grin and bear with such atrocities? Some like J, who will always pull me away from potential fights, says it is to avoid trouble. And some people always think good of others, like ‘oh, they must be in a hurry that’s why they pushed me’, or, ‘they’re not kiasu, just worried’. The one who harbours such thoughts, and not do anything about it, will turn cynical, and will one day, explode.

Been there, done that, got the free t-shirt. I have since learnt to wear spiky heels (even though people STILL managed to step on me from behind. I dunno how they managed that.) and carry big bags. The bags do the shoving and pushing for me on trains and crowded areas, and leave my hands free to neaten my hair and check my nails for chips (and look innocent). The sharp heels do the stabbing stepping for me.

She knows what I mean.


Written by smudgi3

March 3, 2005, Thursday at 14:53

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