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Were you awakened by the temper that the skies threw last night (or this morning, depending on your biological clock)?

What a beautiful song it was, the heavy raindrops beating against my window, announcing their arrival. The clouds have been constipated for too long, even I started to feel sorry for them. Everyday, for at least 10 minutes, the clouds above me darkened and threatened to dump their heavy load upon the starched and famished trees around my area. But they were just empty threats. Oh how I grew jealous hearing how other parts of the country are enjoying the wondrous smell of rain, while all I got was merciless specks of drizzle, not even enough to satisfy an ant.

And then came last night.

Just awhile ago, clouds filled up the sky and I looked up in anticipation. No rumbles and groans this time, but the rains and the winds came. It was short, but it was good, and I am grateful.


Written by smudgi3

March 2, 2005, Wednesday at 13:03

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