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I’ve been informed by mr miyagi (gasp! miyagi sensei read my blog!) that char-chart, or more correctly,
cacat, is actually a Malay word. Most words we use today has to come from somewhere (Etymology). That proves a point, doesn’t it?

Yesterday, I was reading The New Paper on Sunday when my brother pointed out a page to me. It was an article written by Bryna Sim “Sia La, JC Lingo is Qool!” (I couldn’t, for the life of me, find a link to that)

Anyways, it’s about how JCs here in SG develop their very own lingo such that only students from each institution would use certain terms with each other. Here’s some of the terms that Bryna Sim calls, “JCspeak” :

Anglo-Chinese Junior College : “Chat-chat”, pronounced as chart-chart, means lousy
Meridien Junior College : “Ya balls!” Meaning yes.
Millenia Institute : “Duh!” Meaning Oh yes!
National Junior College : “chap-a-lang”, a mish-mash of everything
Nanyang Junior College : “fantabulous” fantastic and fabulous
Raffles Junior College : That’s so gay la. Meaning wimpy.
Saint Andrew’s Junior College : “100 per cent chop stamp confirmed guarantee plus warranty card”. Meaning for sure.
Victoria Junior College : Sia la. Meaning wow, unbelieveable.

I mean, girls, don’t you just find some of the words familiar?? Terms like “chat-chat”, “ya balls” and “duh!” were stuff we used when WE were in secondary school, and that’s about a decade ago. Though the meanings the writer attached to each term seem unable to explain the full “feeling” of the word, I guess it kinda brings back the memories. Gone were the days of “Wah lau, why so char-chart?”(said with a tinge of disappointment. In fact, we were so groovy we shortened it to just “chaaaat”) and “Uh! Du….h!” (said with an air of disgust and diva-ness).

“Fantabulous”(a clean version of fanfuckingtastic, and said with fake accent) only reminds me of J when she’s trying to sound high class, and “Ewww, tha…t’s so gay”(said like a wimpy gay) is a phrase my brother and I use on each other whenever we do idiotic tv personality impersonations. And the 100% chop stamp plus guarantee thing reminds of C, dunno why. Have you used it on me before, C?

What JCspeak? It’s the language of Generation X. If you ask me, I’m glad I’m not using those terms now, at my age. One would have thought after 17 years of education (excluding kindergarten, that’s like, damn long), my english should have ‘upgraded’ right? I mean, poly don’t have GP what, don’t say me. Their england all so powderful, why JC students still want to talk like that? No wonder my foreign friends say SG people talk until so chap-ah-lang, make them blur only.


Written by smudgi3

February 28, 2005, Monday at 12:34

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  1. The New Paper editors ought to be lynched.

    First of all, cacat is a Malay word, and not a JC-invented word.

    Mr Miyagi

    February 28, 2005, Monday at 20:09

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