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That’s chocolate when it’s in my mouth (what were you thinking?!)

I call myself the Queen of junkfood because first place has already been taken by J. We both have a bag of titbits stashed next to our bed, within reach, just in case our stomach start rumbling in the middle of the night. I even bought a transparent, airtight container from Tokyo to store all my sweets and chocolates. I’m so lazy I don’t even have to walk to the kitchen.

If I had to die eating something, I wanna be eating chocolate. I like them milky, white, with nuts (but not raisins eww), with cookies (Hershey’s Cookies and Cream, YUM!), with honeycrunch, on Snickers, in bars, in cubes, in cakes… you get the pic. It’s my ‘comfort’ food, my ‘sinful’ food, my ‘hunger’ food and my ‘bored’ food. Didn’t understand that? I eat chocolate when I need to be comforted, when I wanna feel sinful, when I’m feeling hungry and when I’m bored and have nothing to do. Give me a bar of Toblerone and I’ll kiss your ass for the next few weeks. In fact, it replaces ice cream because it’s more convenient. I don’t exactly need to carry a refridgerator around when I eat chocolate. You’ll always find a box of something chocolate in my fridge at any given time. Right now, there’s Cadbury Milk Tray, Royce, Toblerone, some unknown brand which was a gift (and M&Ms in my room). The funny thing is, though, that I don’t like chocolate ice cream. It’s like, I don’t mind Jessica Simpson on her own, and I like Nick Lachey in 98 degrees, but I get turned off when I see them together.

How do I know that J really loves me? Few weeks back I was down with a bad cold. While I was home resting, J went shopping and bought me a box of Almond Roca. If that’s not love, what do you call it? Because it’s so precious and sinful, I only eat 1 piece per night. Every night when I get home, no matter how late, I’d wash up quickly and then jump onto my bed, bouncing gleefully, and unwrap a nugget of golden foil. Then after devouring it like a vulture, I’d lie in bliss for a few minutes before running to the kitchen for water and cleaning up. I know it’s not healthy and not exactly part of the perpetual diet that I’m having. But I think my teeth, hips and waistline can still afford it. Jealous?


Written by smudgi3

February 26, 2005, Saturday at 13:35

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