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On Wednesday I was in a particularly foul mood.

And when that happens, nothing good comes your way, I realised. I got pushed around and stepped on in the MRT, a particularly funky smelling man decided to stand really close behind me, and a woman sitting down in front of me started to rest her disapproving eyes on the wide expanse of flesh I bared between my top and my hipster skirt. Then her eyes travelled from my hip bones, down to my henna tattoo on my ankle. After staring at it for a long time, her head shot up to steal a look at me, only to find me glaring unmovingly at her. A slight movement of my eyebrow and I’ve challenged her to carry on looking. Wisely, she looked down on her feet instead.

Every 5 minutes, she would look up to see me still glaring at her. I was bored, and since there was no one interesting to look at, I decided to rest my eyes on her. Inwardly, I was smiling. Poor woman, I was thinking. When the train reached my stop, I made a move towards the door, but my eyes never left the woman. I don’t call myself an expert on Human Nature for nothing.

As the train doors opened, I remained where I was, at the entrance. As I suspected, the woman saw her chance and quickly lifted her head to take a last look at me, as if wanting to have the last say in the arguement. She was slightly shocked to see me standing there, body halfway out of the door, eyes still on her, lips curled into a menacing smile. Then I turned and walked away, victorious.

On Wednesday, I was in a particularly foul mood.


Written by smudgi3

February 25, 2005, Friday at 13:54

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