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My baby’s been scammed!!

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But I saved the day of course (in the nick of time, phew!)

J may be gullible in actual life, but maybe her email add sounds gullible too? J‘s received all sorts of weird emails from Nigeria, which were easy to spot. The recent one was more vicious, it went direct to the yahoo auctions. I’ve never received such emails.

The ‘buyer’ claims to want to buy a camera off J at USD$500, which is triple the actual amount. He also said that J would receive the money through Western Union (which is respectable). Just yesterday, J received an ‘order confirmation’ email from Bidpay, at least ostensibly, which stated that they have received a payment amount of US$500 from Mr XXX (name deleted just in case such a person really exists, poor guy) and that J should send out the camera within 2 days. Seeing that Bidpay is in existence and Western Union is well known, and temporarily blinded by the sparkling US$, we were that close to donating the camera to some undeserving syndicate in Nigeria.

Thank goodness for our cynical and suspicious nature!

I Googled ‘bidpay scam’ and guessed what I found? 15, 500 results! All those emails were fake!

Here’s what’s weird about the emails :

  1. Their customer care email is in a different domain name from the website, and the email is a web based mail.
  2. J was asked to send out the item within 2 days of receiving the confirmation mail. Why the hurry?
  3. Advertisements in the emails from Bidpay. When does a company put ads in their confirmation emails?

Tsk tsk, CNY haven’t even come, already want to cheat our money.


Written by smudgi3

February 7, 2005, Monday at 12:05

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