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4 more days to go.

4 more days to more money, more junk food and more relatives I don’t really wanna meet.

Just watched MTV Whatever Things and saw Edison Chen putting his tongue into a female stranger’s ear. Damn I wanna be that ear! If I were that girl, I would’ve bitten off his diamond earring after putting my tongue in his ear. She didn’t, silly girl.

And so that reminded me of my fave CNY food. Actually it didn’t, but I’ll still talk about it anyway. No it’s not the cookies or the cakes or the pork jerky (bah kwa la, you think what). It’s YU SHENG!! Just thinking of it makes my mouth water. I think about it, like, 200 days a year. The plum sauce, the raw salmon, the crispy crackers…. YUM! =P

Not many people practice this anymore, but preparing the yu sheng actually has a specific procedure. 8 steps to presenting the yu sheng :

· 1st step: Say Gong Xi Fa Cai (getting rich) and Wan Shi Ru Yi (to be smooth sailing) when putting down the Yu Sheng on the table.

· 2nd Step: Say Da Ji Da Li (to be very auspicious) when adding limejuice to the ingredient.

· 3rd step: Say Nian Nian You Yu (to have a surplus every year) and Long Ma Jing Shen (to enjoy great health) when placing Yu Sheng onto the shredded carrot.

· 4th step: Say Yi Ben Wan Li (business to be flourishing) when putting pepper and five-spice powder to the Yu Sheng.

· 5th step: Say You Shui Duo Duo (business to be flourishing) when adding golden cooking oil and sauces to the Yu Sheng.

· 6th step: Say Jin Yin Man Wu (to obtain abundant wealth) when sprinkling the golden peanut powder.

· 7th step: Say Sheng Yi Xing Long (business to be flourishing) when sprinkling the sesame powder.

· 8th step: Say Man Di Huang Jin (to obtain abundant wealth) when adding the thin golden membrane.

A waiter who follows the eight steps above will be managed to please the customers to a great extent. Before he leaves the table, he will say with a broad smile, “May everyone here see their fortune rise higher with each toss.”

Then all the diners start tossing and say “Yue lao yue qi, lao dao feng sheng shui qi!”

I can’t wait. My chopsticks are ready.


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February 5, 2005, Saturday at 12:56

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