stripped bare

I hold in my palm, a dream of 2 years.

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Someone asked me recently why I didn’t make any resolutions this year (as with ANY year).

Because, you see, if I HAD made resolutions, I wouldn’t have :

  • Learned Yoga, though I haven’t been practising
  • Gone for auditions (really bad experiences. bad.)
  • Been earning a monthly income, no matter how small
  • Changed my wardrobe, slowly but surely. I just wore a top that day that was 6 years old
  • Finally gone to Japan with J
  • Made friends with those young kids in my class. Now they’re asking me for relationship advice
  • Re-found my old, old friends and remain in contact with them
  • Curbed my fiery, flaming, burning phoenix of a temper
  • Packed my ‘cosy’ little room so that it looks remotely ‘live-able’
  • Finally gotten my dream GD 88 (ö). I know it’s an old phone, but one man’s Dream is another man’s Matrix ok?

Some things take their own sweet time, but they happen eventually.


Written by smudgi3

February 3, 2005, Thursday at 12:50

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