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On Saturday, I killed a lizard with my bare hands. Almost.

The gap behind my bathroom door, between the door and the hinges, is known to my household as the Lizards Graveyard. Countless lizard carcasses have been found, fossilized, and imprinted on what I shall call the Bathroom Twilight Zone. You see, lizards who dared venture there, seldom made it home (wherever their home is, I refuse to share mine with them). Before Saturday, all the other 3 in my household has had the awful experience of hearing a lizard’s sound of death – the squishing. I’d never thought I would live to hear it.

So I came back from a late night out, and wobbled into my bathroom and switched on the light. What greeted me was my scary-looking reflection, and a lizard. I dunno which frightened me more, but I ran in the direction of my room to fetch my toiletries, and the lizard disappeared in the direction of the shade. When I crept slowly back to the bathroom, the lizard had gone – or so I thought. Just as I was about to close the door slowly (for fear of waking my family up), I heard an unfamiliar yet goosepimple-raising sound coming from behind the door. NO! I thought. It couldn’t be!

Heart in my mouth, I opened the door slightly, and prayed that I wouldn’t see a flattened, juiced-out lizard behind the door. An ugly tiny head peeped out from behind the door, then the entire reptile scurried in the opposite direction, towards the mirror. It was alive! Thank God I hadn’t closed the door in a hurry. I counted its legs and tail to make sure all were intact, and they were. Phew!

As I stood there, silently chiding the lizard for being stupid and feeling unbelieveably relieved at the miracle, I started to notice something weird. The lizard, though alive, was in a really awkward position. I walked towards the lizard and covered my mouth in shock. On closer look, the lizard was actually nearly sliced in half. Perhaps shocked by my sudden sharp intake of breath, it sped off through a small window into the kitchen.

I dunno what to say, either it was really lucky, or extremely unfortunate! I hope whatever happened to that thing would spread among the lizard community putting up at my place, and deter them from entering the bathroom again. Bathing or removing your makeup with something watching you isn’t a very pleasant feeling.


Written by smudgi3

January 31, 2005, Monday at 22:45

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