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Primary Colours

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Recently I have had to direct my friend to my place because he isn’t very familiar with this neighbourhood. Further more, my condo is located right at the corner of the neighbourhood, so usually people just drive past without a second look at it. Some taxi drivers don’t even know my street exists.

So I told my friend to look out for a yellow building with green windows. Then in all seriousness, he asked, “Are your doors red?” Suppressing a smile, I replied. “Yes, red rosewood doors.” Taking the bait, my friend remarked, “Ah, I’ll just look out for a building that looks like a traffic light then.”

It does sound freaky, but it doesn’t look as bad.

As I’ve been pretty busy these days, I haven’t had time to blog, but I’ve taken some pictures!

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What’s so bad about primary colours? They’re simple, and pleasing to the eye too. Most Sundays, after a good night’s (and whole morning’s) sleep, I like to lie in bed and admire the cloudless blue sky outside my window. Then I’d wish that the rest of the week would be this peaceful.


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January 24, 2005, Monday at 15:11

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