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Saw Lee Hom and David Tao’s new MVs today.

So I started wondering :

If my Jay could look and dance like Lee Hom (ooh yes he dances too), and could sing like David, wouldn’t he take over the Universe?

I mean I’m not complaining about anything. He’s got all the right styling and I love his witty talents and his humour too. And we all know how talents and humour really pushes my buttons.

But why oh why must he be a Mummy’s Boy?

On another note :

J and I were at Watson’s on Friday when in front of the queue stood an Ang Moh and a Chinese lady. That’s really nothing new so I looked down on the items I was holding in my hands and mentally calculated the damage I was gonna do to my pocket. Then J nudged me and whispered : “Look at what he’s buying.” In front of the cashier were a few medicated ointments (eg. Deep Heat) and a huge pack of condoms. It didn’t register anything until I realised that the man was with a Chinese lady. I looked around and saw her standing behind a pillar outside Watson’s, peeping at the cashier. Then I looked at the cashier to see if there were any signs of unprofessionalism. There was none (She’s good). Then I looked at the guy, whose eyes were still fixed on the condom counter beside the cashier. Maybe he was contemplating the pack of 72s’.

So what has Jay got to do with the Ang Moh buying condoms and Deep Heat?


*Disclaimer. I’m not generalising about the Chinese. In fact, if I was, I’d be meaning that Chinese women are wild in bed. And that’s good.


Written by smudgi3

January 22, 2005, Saturday at 21:54

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