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The one person who could manipulate me : My hairstylist of 7 years..

She takes my undecisiveness and turns it into her power. What can I do, my hair’s in her hands. One wrong move and there goes my crowning glory. She decided that my bleached and rebonded ends were too dry, so she snipped them off – all 2 inches of it.

Then she decided that my right parting was balding, so she flipped it to the left and and then cut bangs across my eyebrows. Fringe! When was the last time I had fringe?! That was 3 years ago and it was a disaster. Now I look like a teenager. I knew I was going to get it when J sees me.

At least I didn’t look half as bad as I did the previous time. But I swear fringe made my face look rounder. I didn’t believe it before, though I swear by it now. J now says I look like I’m chinless, as if I have a slope right under my mouth all the way to my neck. How mean! The people at Chinatown were less direct. The Indian girl on the right said I looked ok, but kiddish (And she’s one to talk). The Chinese girl opposite said she didn’t notice anything different, except that I looked prettier (Damn her chinese vocab). The Nepalese guys diagonally left thought I was from China too. Oh well. My students’ aunt said I look like a starlet with this haircut. So I shall grow out my bangs with this thought in my mind. Hmph!

The only thing I did right during this trip to the salon was insisting on not highlighting my hair. My hair hasn’t been black since I graduated from secondary school, so maybe I shall let it take a break. Let’s see how long I can stand not torturing my hair. My brother kept egging my on to highlight my hair because he now has his hair styled into a faux mohawk with blond ends, like a skunk. He said we should give our parents a heart attack and shock our relatives this CNY. Wahaha.


Written by smudgi3

January 20, 2005, Thursday at 13:10

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