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Once again, I’m being reminded of how much I hate taking photographs.

My friend just sent me her wedding photos, of which I confidently appeared in 3. All 3 didn’t look like me at all (I hope). And I had thought I looked remotely attractive that day. Plus I was standing next to the blushing, gorgeous, professionally made up bride. Sigh. All that makeup I smeared on my face, all the time I spent, gone to waste just like that.

I used to shy away from cameras because the photos almost always turned out hideous. I’m so unphotogenic even ladyboys without makeup look better than me. Eyes the size of tadpoles, flyaway hair even on par with Medusa, face resembling the moon, a second chin threatening to show itself in public, arms that stop shaking 5 seconds after I stop waving… And I haven’t even gone past the boobs!

Maybe I’m spending too much time on my complexion. Now that it’s getting better, I guess it’s time I did something about my Einstein hair, and my flabby limbs and my second chin. The rest of my anatomy? Sigh. I’m sure God made up for it in other ways.


Written by smudgi3

January 13, 2005, Thursday at 11:58

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