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Have you read The Da Vinci Code (DVC) by Dan Brown? I’m quite sure you have. Then have you read Link by Walt Becker? Maybe not. Then go grab it now.

I’ve just finished reading Link, while concurrently re-reading DVC. It was just a coincidence that 2 books were side by side on my bed, and whichever mood fits, I read whichever. Just last night, I was shocked out of my bed reading midway through DVC. These 2 books are one of the same!

I have to say first that when I am intrigued by a read, I tend to remember the details of the book pretty well, and I make it an effort to check it up on the net. (So you can say that I’m not very intrigued by the subjects I’m taking at school). I read DVC in May last year and was very very intrigued by it. It remained on my mind even until now. Then last week, J picked up Link and passed it to me. Now I’ve seen this book in the library many times. I always picked it up but by the time I leave the library, I would have given it up in favour of another novel. Dunno why. Anyways, I finally read it. And wondered why I took so long!

Link is as scientific as DVC was religious. In fact, they have many similarites. I was shocked by the many parallels I found while reading them at the same time. Things like PHI and the Fibonacci code… these two authors sure found the same research work. DVC went in search of the Holy Grail, Link went in search of the Missing Link. What made me sit up in bed though, was the deal with Noah.

In Link, it mentioned that records of the book of Enoch (Noah’s grandfather) say Lamech (Noah’s father) was terrified of his weird baby ‘who filled a darkened room with light’. He tells his wife that Noah ‘is not like you and me – his eyes are like the rays of the sun and his face shines. It seems to me that he is not born of my stock, but that of the Angels’. And then in DVC, Aringarosa of the Opus Dei said that Noah of the Ark was an albino. He had skin white like an angel, and eyes red like laser. My brain clicked. Woah ho…..

Go read them both, concurrently if you can. It’s really exciting.


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January 11, 2005, Tuesday at 13:40

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