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On Sunday, I did a wardrobe clearance. I was inspired by Visual therapy who helped Oprah Winfrey clear her walk-in wardrobe (I tell you, it’s the size of my condo). If you’ve seen what my closet looked like before, you’ll be pretty amazed by what it looks like now. I have an airtight bag of winter clothings (because you know, SG has winter), a pile of jeans, a pile of sleeveless tops, a pile of tees, a pile of towels and PJs, and on hangers, dresses, sweaters (because you know, SG is cold), skirts and crinkle-prone clothes. My mum always said there must be some space between those clothes on the hangers above, and the folded items below. I could never find that space. But after packing 3 bagfuls away (sob sob), I can now see right through to the back of my closet.

Then this morning, as I was picking out the clothes I wanted to wear for the day, I Couldn’t Find Anything To Wear. Well, why should I be surprised? Even when I had what I have now plus the 3 bagfuls, I already couldn’t find things to wear. This is what I call “A Fat Day”. That’s when the hair refuses to cooperate, the boobs go in hiding, the tummy comes out to play, and my mood is just bad. And usually, this day occurs when I’m in a hurry to leave the house. So I’ll sit on my bed, stare at my open closet, and cry. AND coincidentally, this would be the day I go out in a thong, and realise that my period came a week early. ARGHHHH.

Anyway, back to my 3 bagfuls of clothing. I didn’t realise I had so much baggage in my life. I say this because even clothes, to me, have sentimental value. I try to rationale whenever I do my packing, just so that all my clothes stay in my closet and not get retrenched. For example, “Oh I bought this jacket when I first started work. Still can wear. Must keep just in case I start work again soon.” Or “Oh this skirt I bought when I could still fit into it. Must keep in case I go back to that size.” And “Sigh, I’ve kept this for so long already. So sad to see it gone. Keep.”

However, on Sunday, I was in my trashing elements. So in the end, I had One for the master, One for the Dame, and One for the little boy who lived down the lane. One goes to charity, one goes to my uncle’s new maid, and one goes to my Auctions. Finally, my mum said. Now you can see what you have. Uh huh, I can see that I don’t have much clothes to wear in the end.


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January 10, 2005, Monday at 13:03

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