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The Evils of TV Drama

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I haven’t been seeing my mum for the past few days, even though she’s at home and so was I. When I finally did see her last night, her eyebags tripled in size.

You see, recently she’s been locking herslef up in her room and speedwatching the Korean drama Glass Shoes (or Glass Slippers, whatever). She’s even got my poor dad involved. Because she watches the vcds in her room, my poor dad has no choice but to watch it too. In fact, her record was sleeping at 530am, at which in about 2 hours time, she was to wake up for work. You can see what Korean drama does to their sex life.

Before the Koreans came the Taiwanese Meteor Garden (MG). Ahh who hasn’t heard of F4? Now when the world was going crazy over them, our household was calm, because though I’m a fan of a certain Taiwanese Super Star, I’m not so crazy about their dramas. However, when the effects of the Meteors died down, J bought the vcd collection at a really low rate. So I brought it home to watch it. When my mum saw me getting the vcd player ready in the living room, she took one short glance at the cover of MG and scoffed : “Huh! You’re gonna watch this? Taiwan serial show where got good? Some more all the actors never see before one.” Still, she’d steal glances once in a while as she does her housework. Now here’s the main point. A little intuition told me to hide my vcds while I was at school – and I was right. She called me after her work and asked me where the MG vcds were. I refused to tell her. But when I came home, she was lying comfortably on the sofa, lusting after Jerry Yan. She searched my room! It didn’t happen once, you know. It happened twice. And both times, I had taken pains to hide it wrapped either in the scary depths of my cabinet, or under my duvet. And she had found them. After that incident, I never trusted the safety of my room again.

And even before Taiwanese came the Chinese. Well, it was a collaborative effort between the 2 anyway. I think it was called My Fair Princess. I hate sappy weepy stuff, but hey this stuff is addictive. While it was on our local tv, my dad had to go buy dinner because my mum refused to tear her eyes away from the screen. And when we borrowed the vcds, my dad had to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner because she was glued to the TV. That did wonders to our health as you can see. Even our conversations were filled with discussions about the plot, as if Zi Wei and Xiao YanZi were our neighbours and we were gossiping about them.


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January 8, 2005, Saturday at 13:30

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