stripped bare

I don’t know whether to smile or scowl.

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This was how I started my day.

Woke up at 0730, feeling and looking like something the cat dragged in. I had finally gone to bed last night at 0230hrs but though it felt like I was sleeping, I knew I was just slightly conscious cuz I was dreaming, yet rationalising it in my mind at the same time. Weird.

Anyways I got up for my bath and realised my mum was rationing hot water. I mean c’mon, it’s freezing here (ooh never thought I’d have a chance to say this about SG) and she thinks turning on the heater is wasting electricity. I think she’s mad. When it’s blazing hot, she says we need cool water, so we shouldn’t use the heater. When it’s nipple-standing cold, she says bathing with hot water will confuse our body temperature. Which era are you still in, Dr Mum?

Anyways, after my bath I put on a new top and proceeded to put on my warpaint. Seeing that I was already late, I took my own sweet time. I mean, whether I’m 5 minutes late or 15 minutes late, I’m still, well, late. Satisfied that I looked like Angelina Jolie, I left the house. In the lift, I realised that I forgot to put on my blusher because I was too engrossed with my mascara. And I also forgot to take my umbrella (it’s so unpredictable these days). I thought, Ah Shucks. Whatever. If it rains, I’ll just look like Sadako (The Ring) with my long wet hair and pale face.

Just as I was getting off the bus at the interchange to take the MRT to school, I received an sms from my classmate. She said that there wasn’t gonna be morning classes today and that classes will only start after 2pm. She had only just heard about it from her friend who’s already in school. I was like WHAT?! My next freaking class is at 2030hrs!! Outwardly scowling because it meant I had woken up early for nothing, I stormed around the interchange deciding what to do. I could go home, sleep then meet J, or I could call J up rightaway. Unable to decide, I called J up anyway to make the decision for me (hiaks!).

So it was decided that I should go home, and J would come over to my place, then we’d go for a movie, then I’d go to school. On my way home, I was thinking what a relief it was that I didn’t have school. I mean, what a draggy class (it’s Productions and Ops Mgmt for fuck’s sake)… And I didn’t put on my blusher and didn’t bring an umbrella. Not a nice way to start the day and a school term. Moreover, I bought McD’s breakfast!(That’s a rare luxury, you know).

When I got home, I called the school and bellowed down the phone at the receptionist. Why the hell am I paying to go to a fucked up school to fail all my exams?! I didn’t say that, of course, but I tried to be as irritating as possible. I kept asking “Why?” to every excuse she gave me. I think I asked that about 4 times. Finally she gave up and gave me the *U.R.E.R. : “I’m actually just a Receptionist here so I can’t help you. Why don’t you come down here yourself and ask someone else?”

Me : “Sure, except that it would be more convenient if you could just ask that someone else for me now. Or you could just transfer my call.”

Recep : “So do you want me to transfer the call or what?”

Me, smiling : “No it’s alright, I’m going down to school later anyways. Thanks, bye!”


*U.R.E.R. = Universal Receptionist Emergency Reply


Written by smudgi3

January 3, 2005, Monday at 10:20

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