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Have you seen the latest FHM cover?

Felicia Chin’s on it!

No I’m not a fan.

It’s her boobs!

They didn’t turn up for the photo shoot!

FHM did it again. They’re all for bending the rules. First, they put an ugly model on their cover (Hint : Reality Show star). Now, they try to take attention away from gleaming twin peaks. Except that it’s having reverse effects because the pair on the cover this month is too small to go unnoticed! I’m not unhappy about this at all. In fact, I’m ecstatic. This proves that ugly people (like me) and boobless people (like me) can make it someday! 3 cheers for FHM Singapore, my plain, flatchested friends!

*Snort. What were they thinking?

Here’s an altogether unrelated topic. Yesterday, I took the same bus as 2 young couples on my way home. I chose a seat perpendicular to theirs (as with double-decked buses in SG) and in a minute, I was to discover that I was gonna regret this decision. From their conversation, it was quite obvious that the 2 girls were from China and the 2 guys, local. If you weren’t looking at them, you wouldn’t feel like I did, except maybe find them too loud. The thing was, I was ‘forced’ to look at them from the position I was in. Both girls were literally draping themselves over the guys. Both their arms were slung heavily over their guys’ necks. And they remained in that awkward position for the entire 10 minutes I was on the bus. I was beginning to see why those guys had grotesquely sloping shoulders. Also, the girls were constantly kissing their guys’ necks. If I hadn’t known better, those girls looked more like vampires sucking the life out of their poor men. That would explain why those guys looked malnutrtioned and had a perpetual grimace on their faces.

*Shudders. What were they thinking?


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December 30, 2004, Thursday at 13:32

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