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What a hectic week!

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Has it really been a week since I last blogged? Time flies when you’re shopping, doesn’t it?

From what I can recall, last Wed and Thurs were spent pushing my way through thick layers of human traffic. Wednesday was last-minute-shopping-day. I spent few hours on the street walking up and down Orchard Road, tearing my hair out as I tried to decide what to buy for my family and friends. I hate buying (and receiving) gifts that have no meaning. Like towels and photo frames. Especially towels and photo frames. What do they imply? That I don’t bathe and love myself very much? At least chocolates make me happy while I’m eating it, though not after it settles on my hips.

On Thursday, I did something very out of character. I woke up early for a sale. Everyone knows I’d never sacrifice sleep for my wardrobe but hell, I had $200 to shop with! So there I was, with likeminded C and J, at 0745hrs, outside the Mango boutique at Raffles City. It’s fun really! The last time I did something so senseless was when SG was in McD Hello Kitty frenzy. Yeah I was there queuing up overnight! AND NO, I’m not into those mouthless cats, but we all thought it was fun to hang out in the open on a school day. And I didn’t skip school ok? I went home, grabbed a presentable outfit and my notes (I had an important presentation that day), napped for half an hour, then went to school. No doubt I was like a walking corpse that day and didn’t score very well for that presentation. Anyways, I spent $99 at Mango that day. Actually I had many items with me when I joined the queue for the cashier. But as I approached the ‘finishing line’, the items diminished significantly. Haha, that’s me. Cannot justify spending too much on clothes.

Friday was supposed to be the day I wrapped my presents, did extra extra last minute shopping, played mahjong, and have Christmas dinner at home. However, I was so motivated by the season that I finished wrapping all the presents on Thurs night (actually Fri Morning 0235hrs). So all I wanted to do on Fri was sleep more and prepare myself for the fun that was gonna be on Sat. But alas! in the middle of my mahjong game, a fateful call came in. “We were supposed to check into Gallery Hotel today! Not tomorrow!” “WHAT?!” was my reply, as I threw out a tile I should have kept. Cuz of that phonecall, I lost $10 on that game. Anyways, nothing could dampen my mood. I rushed down to where all my friends were waiting for me. We had initially booked a room at The G Hotel for a night of decadence and debauchery on the 25th. Well we thought it was on the 25th, until C had the right mind to check the reservation and discover that it was actually for the 24th! I don’t know how that happened but no point wondering. Wasted too much time already! It wasn’t a very eventful night, afterall, alcohol, sex and orgies aren’t very new to us. Wahahahaha kidding! Well, it was the first time I spent an X’mas like this, so it was memorable, no matter what.

On Christmas day itself, we were all too shagged to do anything. I think I only had 2 hrs of fitful sleep. Hello?! 5 bodies on a king bed… not very comfortable. After checking out, we all went home, where I walked in a straight line from the door to my room, drpped my baggage and plonked heavily on my bed. I’ve never used this phrase before but, I Fell Asleep Immediately. Slept 3 hours then out of the house again for dinner with J, R and A. We spent about 2 hrs at Spageddies before leaving reluctantly. Then we roamed the streets. Yeah that’s all we did.

Sunday was rest day. Did absolutely nothing. Thought it was gonna be a peaceful day. Until news of the Earthquake at Sumatra came. It was devastating, just like 9/11 was. But how do you feel angry and disgusted by an Act of God? Then it all started to feel surreal. Sumatra is just a few cetimetres below SG on the map. As the disaster snaked its way ruthlessly through Asia, I sit in the comfort of my sofa and watch the casualties increase in number. Do we realise how lucky we are?

On Monday J came over as usual. School was starting soon and we have less and less time to spend together. We had dinner at the airport, where we met my friend and her bf (the one of whiney voice fame). We planned on meeting early the next day for the Isetan private sale. Yeah another early morning sale in less than a week. But this time, I had a plan.

0910hrs. I was walking into Isetan Scotts armed with an empty bag and astute determination. Straight onto 2nd floor, where I grabbed, along with several flat-chested aunties, 2 Truimph cosmetic bras that are selling at $19.90 each (usual $69.90). Then down to 1st floor to grab a Hilly bag at $29.90 (usual $89.90) for my mum. Back to 2nd floor to the pretty Sugarlink dresses. Grabbed 3 (selling at $29.90, usual $69.90), then threw them into the bag while scrambling up the escalator to 4th floor, with J trying desperately to keep up. At the toys section, J picked up Travel Pictionary. Then back down again to 2nd floor fitting room. Finally… Ch-ching! $156 signed to Isetan Card. By 1030hrs, all 4 of us were sitting down at McD’s calmly having breakfast. It was decided then, that we shall make our way to JB.

By the time I got home, I was poor, tired and angry. I’ve spent $300 on clothes in 7 days, and speaking from someone whose allowance is $300 a month, you know I’ve knowingly signed my soul away to the devil this December. For the past week, I’ve probably clocked up less sleep than it should be during holidays. People rest during holidays. I cultivate pimples and eye bags. Then I decided that I’ve had enough of friend’s bf of whiney voice fame (see much earlier post dated 13 Sep 04) and his pseudo friendliness. After all this time, he still minded that we ride for free in his car. You’re fucking my friend for free alright?! What’s so difficult about sending me home once in awhile?


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December 28, 2004, Tuesday at 23:53

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