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During my recent trip to Tokyo, I lost my precious Jay scarf. It’s a limited edition collectors’ item and has Jay’s signature embroidered at the corner of each end. I like its color (slate grey) and it’s a comfortable material (fleece). It kept me warm once, when I wore it in Autumn Tokyo ’03 to the Dido showcase. So as you can see, it has a lot of sentimental value.

I was devastated and felt so angry with myself. I didn’t even realise I had dropped it. How could something like that happen? When I got home, I embarked on a mission : To find a replacement. As luck would have it, I found a seller on Auctions selling off the limited edition CD that the scarf came with. I asked her if she was willing to sell off just the scarf to me and told her to state her price. She asked me how much I was willing to pay instead.

Not wanting to overstate a price (but still wanting the scarf pretty badly), I offered $20. I mean, though I wanted it real bad, I had to be practical. Well, instead of rejecting my cheapskate offer kindly, the seller replied rather sacarstically : “If you can find it in the market at that price, please buy it for me. Thanks!” I told her to fuck off and stuff the scarf up her ass.

No I didn’t. But I would if I could. After giving her a disgruntled reply, I imagined crashing my fists into my monitor, searching for her through the www, wring her neck, tying her up bondage-style with said scarf, stuffing $25 into her exposed orifice, and post her sexy pictures on the net for auction. Yeah I was that pissed. J offered to buy the entire thing off her (that’s $50) but I refused.

That was 3 weeks ago. Yesterday I received a parcel with my name on it. Inside was a brand new Jay scarf I auctioned off the internet for $10. Though it’s of another color (green) and it didn’t represent warm memories, It’s with God’s blessing that I found it. A little part of me wants to email that bitch and flaunt it but I think I wouldn’t stoop to her level. I’m so glad I found it, it’s almost a miracle.

Don’t you think this story of my lost scarf is abit like Life? You lose something you didn’t treasure and go about looking for a replacement. You then find one you want very much, and you’re willing to sacrifice a little for it but you get burned. Just when you learn to let go, another one finds it’s way in front of your path.

This new Jay scarf stays in my closet. It’s too precious to go anywhere.


Written by smudgi3

December 16, 2004, Thursday at 14:40

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