stripped bare

This December, I’m broke but I’m happy.

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Because I stopped giving tuition for the hols, I don’t have any income.

But I’m happy because I have more time on my hands.

Because I switched mobile plans, I’m paying more sub fees every month.

But I’m happy because I get free incoming calls.

Because I bought some skincare and makeup, I’m down by $60 this month.

But I’m happy because I feel I look better.

Because I’m hanging out with my friends more often, I’m spending more than I usually do.

But I’m happy because I like my friends.

Because J and I are both free now, we spend more money on groceries and stuff.

But I’m happy because we get to spend more time together.

Because it’s Christmas, I’ve to buy presents.

But I’m happy because I enjoy giving.

Because of my friend’s wedding, I bought a new Mphosis top for $40.

But I’m happy because J swore it made my boobs look bigger.

Because I was invited to the wedding banquet, I have to give money tokens.

Now that’s what I’m not very happy about.

Yeah yeah I’m happy for her and all, but I’m so not willing to spend that money. Huh! Just wait til I get married. I’ll hold an engagement party AND a hen party AND a bridal shower AND a housewarming party AND a wedding banquet.


Written by smudgi3

December 15, 2004, Wednesday at 14:29

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