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Bitch : Kyle’s Mom, Cartman’s Mom, My Mom.

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According to the New Paper on Saturday 11 Dec, these are the tell tale signs that suggest a possible drug abuse.

>staying out late at night

>asking for more money

>displaying hostile behaviour towards family members

>sleeping alot during the day, and showing an unwillingness to study or work

>having slow thought processes and delayed reactions, or showing no response at all, especially when questioned extensively

>having eyes that are watery or unfocused

So according to The New Paper, I’M ON DRUGS! I’m am soooo All Of The Above you won’t believe it. I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I read it. I was going “uh huh, check. Yeah check that too. Oh well well, that’s me, check.” Before I knew it I’ve come to end of the article and I’ve just agreed that I’m a druggie. Ha bloody ha. No wonder my parents are so bitchy. Tsk. Things they make parents read nowadays.

My mum went and overdid it again. Just when I thought I could be all domesticated while they are away this weekend, my mum went and called my grandparents over to babysit us. Of course it’s all on the pretence that my Grandma could cook for us and all that shit, but MUM, since when did we eat at home? Bah! When she told me this piece of crappy news I was having dinner. I was so frustrated I almost threw my bowl of rice at her. Yes. She outed me again. That Bitch.

Now it’s all up to my crafty mind to find some reason to prevent my grandparents from coming down. But I know even before I start that I’m fighting a losing war. When it comes to being a bitch, my mum wins hands, legs and pants down. She gave birth to me after all.



Written by smudgi3

December 13, 2004, Monday at 13:02

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