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So many dicks, so little men.

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Not all feminists are lesbians. And not all lesbians are feminists. Not all feminists hate men, and not all lesbians hate men too.

I have an observation. When straight women stumble into a gay club for the first time , the blatancy hits them in the face like a slap at first. Then they get all insecured because some of the men look prettier than them. Then they start making gay jokes and laugh their embarassment away. Then they realise they’re not gonna get any action anways, so might as well party like a fag hag. And then turn some gay men into shopping kakis on their way out. Muak Muak.

When straight men walk into a les club for the first time, you can also sense their uneasiness. Their body language turns defensive. For example, crossing their palms behind their heads in a superior gesture, thrusting their groin forward or sitting with their legs wide open to establish their manhood, and smirking condescendingly. And then just wait for it, the distasteful comments. You’d be surprised at how seemingly mature men can become quite infantile when faced with ‘competition’. Reversely, I’ve been impressed by many who look like perverts but are respectful.

I’ve had a male classmate who made some snide remarks about gays while we were having a conversation. I looked at him with disappointment and said, “Why Z, I didn’t know you were such a homophobe.” A female classmate also jumped to gay pride rescue. Realising that he had the wrong audience, he tried to redeem himself by quickly saying, “Oh nonono, I was just joking. I have many gay friends.” Too late.

I could be a highly sensitive person but I’m usually quite a good judge of character. By observing the way people behave, gesticulate, the things they say, the way they say it, you can tell alot of things about their character. That’s why when there’s someone new in the group, I tend to be more quiet. I’m beginning to understand why in social settings like these, Psychology loses out to Social Psychology in a big way.


Written by smudgi3

December 11, 2004, Saturday at 15:15

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