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Finally. The unexpected has happened. My wish has come true. I’ve waited almost 8 years for this.

My parents are finally going on a holiday. Just The Two Of Them. Yayee! And what does this smell of? Freedo……m. Ahhh…. This means I can have the house to myself. This means J can stay over. This means I can Be Nigella Lawson (see previous post) for a few days and cook for us 2. This means I can walk around the house naked without having my dad walk in on us during his lunch break. (My dad has a habit of coming home during his lunch break to take a shit. I know we’re all usually more comfortable ‘bombing countries’ in the privacy of our own homes but my dad takes it a little too far.)

Oh I forgot that there’s this offensive little lump a.k.a my brother hanging around the house. He can bring his girl friends home for all I care. Or gay friends, whatever. I’m liberal like this. Usually he rots in front of his laptop on his bed anyways. Sometimes I even forget that he exists.

On a more serious note, I think this is my parents’ first trip overseas on their own since their honeymoon (And I was a honeymoon child!) to Las Vegas. My dad is a real family man, so we’ve been travelling in groups for years. Sometimes my grandparents come along, sometimes aunties, uncles… even granduncles. Seeing that this month is their 25th Anniversary, I’m quite happy for them.

But I’m happier that J is staying over.


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December 10, 2004, Friday at 13:19

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