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Hurray Expressways!

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Yesterday, I realised just how small my country is.

I travelled from one end (west) to the other (east), on a jerky bus, in about 1 and a half hours. Cramped legs and numb butt notwithstanding, it was a nauseating but eye-opening trip. I’ve never thought about it this way before. I always assumed that it was because our infrastructure was excellent. I mean, it still is, but there’s no denying the fact that, SG is really tiny.

How I love it.

Politics aside, I think we have much to be proud about. Oh yes, there’s a little problem about our lack of entertainment. Maybe it’s the government’s ingenous way of encouraging couples to stay home and make babies.


Written by smudgi3

December 3, 2004, Friday at 13:09

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