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Desiree Siahaan smiled and waved at me from where I was on the escalator. I waved back. We didn’t say anything to each other because firstly, she was on the phone and secondly, because I don’t know what to say to her.

After all, she’s a Celebrity.

My first reaction when I saw her waving at me was, “Was she waving at me?” It didn’t occur me that it was Desiree. The Desiree I knew didn’t look quite so… celebrity-like. My next reaction was “*Gasp! It’s her!*wave wave*” Then it became “Wait a minute, I have nothing to say to her. Quick, run.” As I turned to look at her, she walked past 2 guys standing outside a shop. You could see from the reaction on their awed faces that they recognised her (either from the mag or from mtv). They were like, nudging each other and trying hard to act cool and not turn around and drool all over her pretty feet.

Then the suspicious me took rein. “I wasn’t that close to her in school. Why was she so friendly? Was she trying to be friendly so that I would say nice things about her to others?” Standing at the taxi stand, I thought, and I debated, and I came to a conclusion. “At least she’s better than those friends I used to hang out with, who won’t even give me a second look now if we see each other on the street.”

I’ll give her a break.


Written by smudgi3

November 30, 2004, Tuesday at 13:56

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