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[This is my 100th post!!]

Ok so I finally caught the 2 movies everyone’s talking about.

The Incredibles were really cute. I hadn’t laughed so hard for a movie for a long time. My favourite character was Edna Mode. I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t like her? I think the animators managed to capture their individual characteristics very well. Watching it made me feel a little wishful. After all, I’ve always had fantasies of being invisible. I think it is the most powerful… (well, for use of a better word) super power. Just imagine the amount of harm and good one can do with invisibility. Hmm, that could be material for another good post next time.

Now Bridget Jones was a disappointment. Most of the time, I sat through the movie with a raised right eyebrow. I hate it when movies depict unrealistic situations when it calls for more mature perceptions. I guess the producers of B.J meant for it to be really funny but I still hate the way B.J can get away with drug trafficking all because of the love of a man. Prim and proper “Excuse me but I’m going to come” lawyer + Plump bimbotic “award winning” journalist = fantastic shag and happily ever after. Tell me how in the world could this be possible in REAL LIFE?? I spit upon the notions that the movie instills into our minds. I know I’m cynical, so bite me.


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November 29, 2004, Monday at 13:33

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