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Time passed really quickly.

It’s finally here – tonight. I realised last night (this morning @ 0700hrs) before I fell asleep that since it came quickly, so it will go just as quickly. Then I had a panic attack (yes right at that very moment when you feel yourself almost drifting off). I don’t want this night to go! From experience I know that the mere 2 hours plus encore tonight will be over faster than I can finish saying “I love Jay Chou and want to have his children”. So I got up and checked that my *FREE* tickets were still around (oh yes they were, sleeping peacefully in their MTV envelope) and worried about it for about hmm… 2 minutes more before I fell into a dreamless sleep.

And then I’m up again at 1400hrs, wishing tonight doesn’t come. It’s gonna be over too quickly, you know what I mean? No you don’t. Just imagine having to wait 364 (365 if it’s a leapie) days for Christmas, and then when you’re finally getting into the mood of giving and receiving (giving yourself a day off and receiving money and prezzies for it) and then suddenly, “Poof!”, and it’s gone in a mist of cigarette smoke and eau de alcohol. Ah ha! Now you know what I mean, don’t ya?

Please God, let time stop here. Where the anticipation is still sweet and the memory is lasting. I really don’t wish tonight to come anytime soon. You never know, 2 months from now I’ll be so, like totally OVER Jay and there would be no more concerts for me to look forward to. Or he’ll suddenly marry Jolin and become fat and gay and then start appearing on nonsensical Taiwanese dramas and variety shows, and then drink himself to oblivion.

But I doubt it.

I think I’m still kinda mad. Bear with me. It’ll be over soon.


Written by smudgi3

November 26, 2004, Friday at 15:27

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